Recieved: 10th November 2021, 9pm BST

The Lumps World Capsule #009 has Landed

Inside there is a note written in an unknown language.
Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear life form

I don’t know if it’s all over, or if it’s just begun.

I’m sending you this capsule from the Lumps Legends Member’s Club. Back on the booze. Why not? We don’t control what we do. Not here in Lumpsworld. It’s all pre-determined. Literally.

On the monitors they’re playing an old Lumps of the Silver Screen b-movie. Hm. Simpler times. But hey, they’re all about to come back – aren’t they?

#400 has allowed me to send back a snippet from his old-school Silver Screen film reels. See what you think, maybe I’ll send some more. There’s some amazing footage here.

Sorry if I sound disappointed. I don’t know what to think right now. I caught #7 in the act this week. But that doesn’t matter. The Rapture is here. It’s back. It’s coming.

Read about it in the diary. Check the blue prints.

Prepare yourselves.

May the slime ears protect you


What’s in this capsule?

  • 1 x Diary Entry: Read here
  • The Lumps World NFT Chest has opened!
    • 3 x Lumps holders will recieve a Rapture Blueprint NFT
    • 10 x Lumps holders will recieve a Lumps Rapture Poster NFT
  • The entire Lumps World community will now start to recieve animations from Lumps World, the first being the Lumps Rapture Trailer View on Twitter
  • In the form of some early Rapture sketches, we reveal the 3 Rapture character types (below)

  • The 3 Rapture Character Types 

  • Wanderers
    What does it mean to be alone in the world? The wanderers of Lumps World are many, and yet each individual represents an isolated outpost of knowledge, skill and wisdom. They are secretive and quiet, rarely sharing what they have learned across their vast and perilous travels, though they are often afforded peace by the Warrior and Keeper Lumps, who view them with either great significance or complete insignificance – depending on who you ask. Non-violent by nature, Wanderers will meet occasionally in small, revered groups to defend Lumpsworld by the pen, never the sword.


  • Keepers
    Since the dawn of Lumpsworld, the many creatures and critters which haunt the rolling fluorescent landscapes, have divided opinion. While some believe the secondary species to be their slaves, food and entertainment, others understand there is a sacred bond between all manifestations of the Cosmos, which must be protected and utilised. These are the Keepers. Banding together in small communities, Keepers will fight to protect the natural world surrounding them, each doing so along side a dear companion, for whom they would lay down their life.


  • Warrior
    Throughout a tumultuous past, present and future, Lumpsworld has been no stranger to violence. It seems that in both times of little and times of plenty, peace is not enough. Throughout the Great Mess, factions of Lumps put forward their warriors to fight amongst the rubble over the little resource which was left, while the opulent Age of the New was no different… only then Lumpsworld Warriors were fighting for less, rather than more. Skilled in a wide vista of contrasting and complimentary combat styles from across the many cultures of Lumpsworld, Warriors are citizens too, and when the war is done, they will eat and drink with their enemies like the best of the friends.


The draw

View the screen recording of the giveaway

Reveal 3 the winners of the 'Rapture Blueprints NFT'


Reveal the winners of the 'Rapture Poster NFT'



To determine the randomly selected winners of capsule giveaways, 500 Lumps* are entered into a draw 10 minutes prior to the drop. So the more Lumps you own, the better your chances.

Winners will be asked to individually contact Lumps via discord.
*Any Lumps still held by Lumps himself are excluded from the draw.