Lumps Story

Somewhere in the vast recesses of time and space, 500 Lumps live out their meaningless existence amidst a cacophony of deafening disco, civil unrest and technological wizardry. The new world crashes against the old. Times are changing.

Lumps are the work of Cardiff born artist, Sam Drew, who first illustrated the tubby, wide grinned cartoon characters in a 2016 sketchbook. Since then, they have evolved in form, grown in number, popped up all over the internet, hung in art galleries, been printed on t-shirts and, now, immortalised as the Lumps World 500.

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Now, for the first time, the Lumps Universe will be explored through the pages of our narrator’s diary. This, as yet unidentified, Lump, has taken the time to send us interdimensional parcels from the Lumps World, with gifts and information from the metaverse.

Collectors of Lumps World NFTs join a community which is rewarded with digital NFTs, as well as physical artworks from Sam’s personal collection. 1/1 pieces including canvas paintings, artist prints, sculptures, 3d models, and original hand drawn Lumps sketches from down the years, will all be randomly awarded to owners as giveaways. Our community also stands to win merchandise, collectibles, and more.

Slime Ears be praised.

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