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Lumps World is a collection of only 500 unique Lump NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every asset is hand-drawn and each Lump is randomly generated to feature a unique combination.

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Lumps Story

Somewhere in the vast recesses of time and space, 500 Lumps live out their meaningless existence amidst a cacophony of deafening disco, civil unrest and technological wizardry. The new world crashes against the old. Times are changing.

Lumps are the work of Cardiff born artist, Sam Drew, who first illustrated the tubby, wide grinned cartoon characters in a 2016 sketchbook. Since then, they have evolved in form, grown in number, popped up all over the internet, hung in art galleries, been printed on t-shirts and, now, immortalised as the Lumps World 500.

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Now, for the first time, the Lumps Universe will be explored through the pages of our narrator’s diary. This, as yet unidentified, Lump, has taken the time to send us interdimensional parcels from the Lumps World, with gifts and information from the metaverse.

Collectors of Lumps World NFTs join a community which is rewarded with digital NFTs, as well as physical artworks from Sam’s personal collection. 1/1 pieces including canvas paintings, artist prints, sculptures, 3d models, and original hand drawn Lumps sketches from down the years, will all be randomly awarded to owners as giveaways. Our community also stands to win merchandise, collectibles, and more.

Community members who hold their Lumps until the Rapture will not be disappointed. Those foolhardy enough to stay the course of the following roadmap will be rewarded with interdimensional NFTs from two parallel Lumpsverses.

Slime Ears be praised.

Lump Characters


Capsule 7 has landed!

Click to open the capsule

We have been receiving interdimensional parcels with gifts and stories to help us understand more about the Lumps World metaverse.

Follow the link below to see the capsules we have received to date.

The next capsule is due to land in…








29th October 2021 @ 4pm BST (UK Time)

The Roadmap

Here it is. Thank you to all Lumps holders, past and present, who have helped us on this journey so far. We are a small independent team working hard to bring you as exciting an experience as we possibly can. Hopefully, you will grow to love this universe as much as we do.

The steps on the following Roadmap do not have dates or criteria, we are simply going to get this stuff done as soon as we can.


The Choosing

A once prosperous civilisation, the decaying hellscape of Lumps World is now home to only a handful of chosen Lumps. They are the 500.

We launched on 12th August 2021, with 500 Lumps minted at 0.1 ETH. This was a fair launch, no price tiers or pre-sales. Sold out in 2 hours. Discord launched. Community born. 

Please note: We kept 25 Lumps back, for giveaways, promotions and for people who helped to make Lumps World happen. After the first 10 weeks of Lumps world, all Lumps will have entered into circulation.


The Capsules

While minding our own business, we receive an interdimensional parcel from an unidentified sender. Before we know it, another, larger, parcel crash lands to earth… and another… and another! We learn about the investigations of one anonymous Lump into Project Rapture.

Artworks, merch and other fun digital and physical rewards are handed out to random Lumps owners, the metaverse is explored and we’re told a lot more is on its way. 


The Slimeverse

You wanna know about Slime Ears!? What do you want, the truth or the legend? Nevermind… there’s no damn difference.’ 

The Lumps World website is officially launched, providing a space for the community to learn about the world, spread awareness and connect.


Lumps World Official Merchandise

Once considered the fashion capital of whatever-the-hell galaxy it’s in, the eclectic attire of Lumps World is no longer to everyone’s taste… but we celebrate it nevertheless.

Our merchandise store lands, containing Lumps World Prints, tees and other collectibles, exclusive to all Lumps holders. We will accept cryptocurrency as payment.


Lumps of the Silver Screen

The technology of Lumps World can be broadly split into two categories, the old and the new. While some of the great Lumps artists of the past were film directors and cinematographers, the modern greats use simulation chambers to stimulate the over-stimulated… and further frazzle the 500’s brains.

We release a series of Lumps World animations. These miniature clips and scenes bring the 500 and their environment to life, further illuminating the metaverse. We also giveaway ancient relics of Lumps Studios as NFTs, with accompanying artworks, physical posters, and storylines.


The Rapture








‘Must be the mohawks. What have they blown up now?’

Time’s up. Nothing can be done to stop #7 and Project Rapture. Portals to both the ancient voodoo world and the mysterious quantum realm are opened and the 500 are free to step through if they dare… embodying whatever they find on the other side. The battle between old and new is not over… it’s only just begun.

As the first chapter of the metaverse ends, our Lumps community is rewarded with two special NFTs from alternate Lumps realities.

Lumps Rapture is a collection of up to 1000 mind-bending avatars, with brand new, heightened attributes. Voodoo tickets allow your Lump to step through a door and embody a creature or character from Lumps World history. Quantum tickets allow passage to the future and the mysteries therein.

For every Lump you own at the time of The Rapture, you will be airdropped 1x Voodoo Ticket and 1x Quantum Ticket.

Each ticket can be exchanged for a Lumps Rapture NFT. The decision to use your ticket is yours and there is no time limit to spend your ticket. Enter at your own risk.

Whether you use your tickets or not, your Lumps World NFT is unaffected.

The Lumps Rapture is a moment to thank and reward our community – who have already made this an unbelievably fun and exciting journey – as well as to further expand a metaverse we have spent years building.

You are free to trade your tickets and NFTs as you wish. 

Lumps World giveaways and privileges remain for the original 500 holders only.

Thank you for your support thus far – we can’t wait to share this all with you.

This Roadmap is only the beginni