Recieved: 6th September 2021, 9pm BST

The Lumps World Capsule #003 has Landed

Inside there is a note written in an unknown language.
Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear life-form,

I’ve got a heavy head after last night – but I’ve always been one to fight fire with fire.

That’s why I’m drinking cheap wine this morning.

Wine is something we drink here to escape things. I don’t mean escape literally, I mean… forget it. You wouldn’t understand.

The point is – last night I was propping up the bar at the Lumps Legends Member’s club. It’s an old pub in the Gold Stacks neighbourhood. Nice place. The landlord is an acquaintance and the closest thing I have to a friend – #400. He likes to party a little too much – but he’s a history nut at heart… with a lot of ancient artwork depicting Lumps Legends like Slime Boy and Ramen Girl… the old heroes.

Last night he was kind enough to give me a few to send back. I’ve put two in this capsule. Treasure them. There’s more to come.

Anyhow – #400’s been helping me with my investigation. And, Slime Ears be praised, boy did we make a breakthrough last night.

He set me up with #105 – a loose-lipped gold-stack who rubs shoulders with the upper classes of Lumps World. He’s heard some things about the Mohawks which go all the way up to #7! He even had some info about that crazy Rapture project…

Anyway, I managed to record some of the conversation – I’ll let you listen for yourself.

Oh, by the way, I’ve hooked this capsule up to the slimeverse, it’s an information network we have here. If you connect you should be able to learn even more about us – take a look. It might just answer a few of your questions.

…I don’t know if I believe #105 – by the end he’d drunk even more than me. But nevertheless, there’s one word I can’t get out of my head this morning: Rapture.

It feels like something big is on the horizon for Lumps World.

May the Slime Ears protect you.


What’s in this capsule?

  • 1 x Secret Recording: Listen below
  • 1 x Lump holder will receive an original painting of Lumps Legend ‘Slime Boy’, hand painted in watercolour.
  • 1 x Lump holder will receive an original painting of Lumps Legend ‘Ramen Girl’, hand painted in watercolour.
  • 2 pages from #400’s Lumps Legends notebook (below)
  • The entire Lumps World community now has access to AKA The Slimeverse.
  • Roadmap: We can finally confirm to the Lumps World community the direction of the project in detail – including information on the monumental giveaway which will close Chapter One of our story.

  • Slime Boy Framed Painting
    #400’s notes: Legend has it Slime-Boy cleaned up the city during the first Great Mess. He took on the corrupt leaders of the day and challenged the segregation of zone living. Every year, Lumps gather at the old Lump Tower ruins to throw slime at each other and give thanks that the Great Mess is over. It’s a tradition that goes back years. They say his slug can still be seen slithering in the wastelands, glowing green in the night, searching tirelessly for his master.


  • Ramen Girl Framed Painting
    #400’s notes: The first Lumps Deliverer to achieve 1million career drop-offs. Times were tough during her heyday. At the height of her powers, so they say, you were more likely to be delivered ramen by Ramen Girl than you were to make it through the night. Mind you, she visited most Lumps every day. With a single rocket propelling her rickety old skates at high speeds; most saw her only as a blur – though we believe she had red hair, tattoos and a thin, plaited beard.


The draw

View the screen recording of the giveaway

Reveal the winner of the 'Slime Boy Painting'


Reveal the winner of the 'Ramen Girl Painting'



To determine the randomly selected winners of capsule giveaways, 500 Lumps* are entered into a draw 10 minutes prior to the drop. So the more Lumps you own, the better your chances.

Winners will be asked to individually contact Lumps via discord.
*Any Lumps still held by Lumps himself are excluded from the draw.