The First Lumps World Capsule has Landed

Inside there is a solitary note written in an unknown language.
Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear life-form. If you’re reading this…

Shit. Who am I kidding? There’s no one reading this. I’m probably talking to myself.

Well, if, by some miracle, anyone – or anything – out there HAS received this capsule – and can understand these words – greetings. I cannot imagine what kind of exotic beast, critter, tree or entity you are, but I am surely grateful to have your attention.

Who am I? I’m just a number. One of 500 who are left now… The Lumps World has descended into debauchery, death, digitalisation and endless disco. Only we remain.

I am sending out these artefacts from my world as a desperate plea to the universe: that we are not forgotten. I will include documents, artworks, and tales of our traditions and way of life. I’m no wordsmith and my paints are all but dried up. But I will not let us disappear without trace.

I will chart the rise and fall of our local heroes – and villains. I will preserve our fashions and log our decay. The translucent skin… the biomechanic apparatus… the fungal deformities…

The smokers.

Even those who dare, still, to wear a bird in their hat.

For now, it is a miracle you have understood this much. My interdimensional message-in-a-bottle… and, you, the recipient. But there is so much more to know. Be ready for my next capsule.

May the Slime Ears protect you,

My name?

Like I said, I’m just a number.


Who are the 500?

With each capsule we receive, we will learn more about the inhabitants of Lumps World. Every precious memento will further illuminate the lives of individual Lumps characters, as well as the bizarre and bewildering world which they call home.

Get Ready For

  • Tales of the marvellous exploits of Lumps World heroes
  • Character profiles and background stories of featured Lumps
  • 1/1 artworks depicting epic moments shared exclusively with featured Lumps owners
  • Maps and codexes of the Lumps World
  • Giveaways of signed and framed prints
  • Extra collectibles and NFTs for chosen owners

The next capsule is due to land in…