Digital Ownership License


What rights do I have over my Lump?

You own your Lump, but we ask you to bear in mind that these artworks are the culmination of a brand, universe and signature style which has developed since 2016 – not the work of an avatar project team. What this means is that your ownership is governed by a personal use license (see below).

What can I do with a personal use license?

You can make anything with your avatar which is for personal use; a print for your house, a sticker, a skate deck, a t-shirt, a hat. Whatever! If it’s for personal use, you are covered.

Lumps were not created for commercial use, though, and selling goods for profit, using Lumps to promote a business, to sell a service, or using Lumps on a website is not covered by the license.

Why do I want to own a Lumps World NFT?

There are many reasons to own a Lumps World NFT, including entry to capsule giveaways and exclusive access to the merchandise store, though the most dearly held reason is that you are part of our community. We are working flat out to reward our holders in as many fun ways as possible and, of course, to add value to these NFTs so that in the end we are all winners.

Will I be able to buy merch from Lumps World?

Yes. We will have a store available soon that will allow all Lumps World NFT holders the ability to buy merchandise.

What if I want to sell my Lumps World NFT?

You are free to sell your Lumps World NFT via Opensea or any other participating platform at any point in time.