Rapture Opens in…








23rd November 2021

The Rapture Collection

Lumps World is a collection of only 500 unique Lump NFTs made by UK artist Sam Drew. The collection launched back on August 12 with a mint price of 0.1Ξ per character. The characters were made to be part of Lumps World, signed by Sam his unique signature smiles. Find more of Sam’s work (2016 – ongoing) on his Instagram with 138.000 followers → https://www.instagram.com/lumps/.

Currently, the collection holders receive intra-weekly capsules. These contain information about Lumps World, diary entry’s and chances to win prizes in the form of unique pieces, physical (singed) art, and NFT’s.

You may find more detailed info below about the future and utility of the project and in our discord, join now and become part of our amazing community!

The Rapture Project and Utility

The Rapture is the final part of Lumps World’s roadmap 1.0 and the start of roadmap 2.0. It is an airdrop of a new unique 1000 NFT collection that will be airdropped to all holders for free on Tuesday, November 23. The collection will feature 200 unique traits across the 1000 characters and will come with several benefits!

For each genesis piece of the original 500 character Lumps World Collection, you will receive 2 new NFT’s for free.

How does this work?

The collection will consist out of 490 “Quantum” Lumps, 490 “Voodoo” Lumps and 20 Lumps Legends. On November 23, you will receive 2 tokens, 1 of each per Lump you hold. The rarity of these new characters is based on 40% of the genesis Lumps traits that you hold and 60% randomized

Roadmap 2.0

[To be announced on Sunday, November 21] Want to be the first to hear about Roadmap 2.0? Join our discord community and check out the Twitter Space upcoming Sunday.

Want to find out more? Join our amazing community and check out the current collection below.


About the Artist 

Sam Drew is a Cardiff-born artist, interested in painting, illustration, and screen prints. The subject of his works tends to juxtapose the everyday with the incomprehensible; tasks like the weekly shop, visiting a museum, or eating ramen, take on surreal energy in the world of Lumps. Exploding the mundane of our world into the extraordinary detail and delirium of a Lumps day out is Drew’s stock-in-trade, leading him to produce work that is vibrant, mischievous, and at times provocative.

Sam’s art is easily recognizable due to its unique style and the smiles the characters have. There have been several collaborations with big brands which used Sam his house-style Lumps theme, examples of such partnerships are: Nike, Netflix, Spotify, Armada Music, Food Music, and many more.

Sam has also held his own art exhibition back in October of 2020 and has been featured in online magazines such as It’s Nice That and VICE.

https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/sam-drew-lumps-illustration-151019 https://www.vice.com/en/article/kbjm4w/lumps-uk-illustrator-smiles-teeth-screaming-drawings

Back at the start of 2021, Sam listed a few of his unique art pieces on SuperRare, after which, he decided to create his own unique collection for OpenSea. https://superrare.com/lumps


Lumps World

Lumps World originated from the success of SuperRare. Sam decided he wanted to make a small but unique collection of 500 characters named Lumps World. Lumps World features 500 unique characters made up of 65 different attributes.

Collectors of Lumps World NFTs join a community that is rewarded with digital NFTs, as well as physical artworks from Sam’s personal collection. 1/1 pieces including canvas paintings, artist prints, sculptures, 3d models, and original hand-draw Lumps sketches from down the years, will all be randomly awarded to owners as giveaways.

Our community also stands to win merchandise, collectibles, and more. Community members who hold their Lumps until the Rapture will not be disappointed. Those foolhardy enough to stay the course of the following roadmap will be rewarded with interdimensional NFTs from two parallel Lumpsverses.

Check out the previous 9 capsules, uniquely presented to Lumps Holders here: https://www.lumpsworld.com/capsules/

Check out Roadmap 1.0 here: https://www.lumpsworld.com/#roadmap