Recieved: 29th October 2021, 9pm BST

The Lumps World Capsule #008 has Landed

Inside there is a note written in an unknown language.
Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear life-form

I think I’m going through something of an existential crisis.

Time and space are beginning to taunt me. I feel younger than I once was, but older than I’ll be.

Things are tough here.

I’ve been staying with #7. (I know, how’d that happen?) I think he’s in my head. And I’ve got some kinda crazy anxiety from all the drinking I’ve done recently. Well, that’s it. It ends today.

There was an awful episode here this week. Scared me out of my wits. Read about it if you dare. I’ve tried to draw up some of the things I saw to send back to you… but it’s difficult to capture… you’ll have to use your imagination.

Oh well, this spooky season can’t last much longer. Can it?

May the slime ears protect you.

What’s in this capsule?

  • All Lump holders recieve a Halloween Costume pack! Download Here
  • We would love to see your Lumps dressing up for Halloween! 
  • 1 x Diary entry from the narrator: Read Here