Recieved: 04th October 2021, 9pm BST

The Lumps World Capsule #006 has Landed

Inside there is a note written in an unknown language.
Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear life-form,

I’m still piecing together what happened the other night. I’ve been trying to get it down in my diary but some bits are a little… hard to put into words. For obvious reasons.

Since that crazy night though I’ve spent a lot more time with #292. She’s a fascinating Lump. And without her I’d be dead.

She led me and #147 through her personal art collection today and, wow, there’s some eclectic stuff in there. I like to think I’m pretty big on Lumps World history and folklore… and I couldn’t make sense of much of this stuff. Perfect for her, really.

After a few wines I managed to convince her to let me send some pieces back in my next capsule. So do with these what you will.

The first piece depicts a scene from some time back in the Potted days. But Slime Ears knows when… waaaay, way, way before the Great Mess, that’s for sure. Before colour itself, by the looks of it. The other one I know a little more about. Beer Lumps. Our ancestors. Beautiful painting – simpler time. And the third, Instant Rah-man – who knows. I can’t wait to ask #400 about him.

Anyway, all bets are off about The Rapture now. It’s happening. That was made very clear to me the other night. That night in the attic has changed everything.

Really, it’s what happens AFTER the Rapture which is worrying #147 and me… but that’s for another time.

Whichever universe is yours, I hope it is thriving. Here’s hoping you exist.

May the Slime Ears protect you.


What’s in this capsule?

  • 1 x Diary Entry: Read Here
  • 1 x Lump holder will receive an original illustration ‘Greenhouse’.
  • 1 x Lump holder will receive an original painting of Lumps Legend ‘Rah-Man’, hand painted in watercolour.
  • 1 x Lump holder will receive an original ‘Into the beer bucket’ canvas painting.


‘Greenhouse’ Framed Illustration


‘Rah-Man’ Framed Watercolour Painting


Into the Beer Bucket’ Canvas Painting



The draw

View the screen recording of the giveaway

Reveal the winner of the 'Greenhouse' Illustration


Reveal the winner of the 'Rah-Man' Watercolour


Reveal the winner of the 'Into the beer bucket' canvas painting



To determine the randomly selected winners of capsule giveaways, 500 Lumps* are entered into a draw 10 minutes prior to the drop. So the more Lumps you own, the better your chances.

Winners will be asked to individually contact Lumps via discord.
*Any Lumps still held by Lumps himself are excluded from the draw.