Recieved: 15th September 2021, 6pm BST

The Lumps World Capsule #004 has Landed

Inside there is a note written in an unknown language.
Roughly translated, it reads:

Dear life-form,

I ate breakfast in the Lumps Legends Member’s Club this morning – turns out I had an apology to make.

#105. That gold-stacked I interviewed a week or so back… Well, long story short – he wasn’t as stupid as I thought.

As I continued my investigations this week, his ramblings made more and more sense. And I’m starting to worry I’m getting in too deep, but I can’t stop digging. It’s a long story – you can read about it in my diary if you give a shit – but the facts are these:

Mohawks are up to something.

They’re organised like I’ve never seen them.

And The Rapture is real.

I’ve just come back from an… eventful day out in Mushroom Fields… A dark day, truth be told. But, though we all lost a lot, I finally have some hard evidence. I’m sending you back a photograph I looted from the Mohawks at Parade Day. It’s pretty scary viewing. I’m starting to think #7’s hands are far from clean in this…

There’s also another Lump Legend for you in here – Litter Boy. He’s a bit of a hero of mine, to be honest. I’m sad to let this piece go. But I hope you enjoy it… If you even exist, that is. There are more paintings of the 500 in here too.

I never did apologise to #105… he didn’t show. But #400 and I talked the morning away about times gone by. He sends his regards, by the way. Though he thinks I’m Slime Ear crazy for thinking anyone out there even CARES about Lumps World… hm.

I hope he’s wrong.

May the Slime Ears protect you.


What’s in this capsule?

  • 1 x Diary Entry: Read here

  • 15 x Lump holders will receive a framed print of their Lump

  • 1 x Lump holder will receive an original painting of Lumps Legend ‘Litter Boy’, hand painted in watercolour

  • 1 page from #400’s Lumps Legends notebook (below)

  • Image from Mohawk files

  • Litter Boy Framed Painting
    #400’s notes:

    Widely regarded as the greatest cleaner Lump since Slime Boy; Litter Boy shunned celebrity and rarely spoke to the press. Unlike his hero, Litter Boy remained silent on political issues and offered little public profile. His actions spoke louder than words ever could, though, and his message was clear. If Lumps World didn’t clean up their act, there would be a second Great Mess. For years he single handedly fought against the avalanche of Voodoo consumerism, regularly risking his life in seas of tin and plastic. When asked if he was a greater cleaner than Slime Boy, Litter Boy would only shake his head, “he collected slime, I collect litter.” Following his retirement, he lived only a few months, sporting a grey moustache and his signature – now iconic – ear wear. By this time, though, Lumps World had heeded his warnings, and a second Great Mess was temporarily avoided. In an interview with the Lumps Time, days before his death, Litter Boy is quoted as saying; “History and destiny may be brothers, but they needn’t look the same.” 100 years later, Great Mess II was declared to have begun.


The draw

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Reveal the winners of the Framed Lumps Prints



To determine the randomly selected winners of capsule giveaways, 500 Lumps* are entered into a draw 10 minutes prior to the drop. So the more Lumps you own, the better your chances.

Winners will be asked to individually contact Lumps via discord.
*Any Lumps still held by Lumps himself are excluded from the draw.