Capsule 2.9 has Landed

Thank you to all Lumps holders, past and present, who have helped us on this journey so far. The capsule arrived containing gifts for Lumps holders, find out more about the rewards below.

Chamber 1

Available to all Genesis and Rapture Lump Holders

1/1 Shiny Lump

A 1/1 animated NFT version of your Lump! Each winning Lump in the new ‘Shiny Lump’ series will be custom made by artist Sam Drew and hung in the new Lumps Emporium.

5 Custom Lump Prints

Lumps holders will receive a custom print of their chosen Lump. This artwork is printed on fine art paper.

Chamber 2

Available to Genesis Lump Holders only

Winner to be chosen via random number (1-500) generator.


1 Lump holder will receive a 1/1 Artwork of Capsule 2.9


The Lumps community recieves another diary entry from our mysterious narrator. Read the entry below!


Lumps Holders, please head to the Lumps World Discord and enter by following the instructions on the ‘Capsule Giveaways’ channel.









Wednesday 1st June 2022
7pm GMT

Story Card Capsule

Most know him as the proprietor of Lumps World outdoor wear store – a well respected wilderness-survival establishment, selling handmade and high quality goods, for low, low prices – but #204 is more than meets the eye. Descended from a long line of Wanderer Lumps, 204’s grandfather settled in Lumps World and set up a small supplies market, which would go on to become the famous outdoor emporium we see today. The family business looked in jeopardy, however, when 204 got itchy feet and set out for his own adventures as a teenager. It was ten years until he unexpectedly arrived home, with a pierced nose and bubble eyes, ready to inherit the business. Unlike most former wanderers, he never discusses what he saw on the inter dimensional road. 

Unlike most Slime Ears, #235 was sent to a regular Lumps World high school and even allowed to attend cultural events, like Lumps World Fashion Week, as a somewhat regular citizen. But, needless to say, being a Slime ear is anything but regular. Outside of rare and occasional moments of friendship in her younger days, intimacy has been a rare commodity in 235’s life – seeking instead the comfort of her creative pursuits. A master visualiser, she has made unprecedented contributions to the advancement of the Simulation Chamber, while paying regular homage to her heroes from the Silver Age of Lumps Cinema. She lives a mostly shielded life now, working out of the thousand story science building in the west part of town – often alone.

A secretive, divisive and mysterious figure across Lumps World, #147 is often used by social commentators as the living embodiment of local tensions. ‘Never has the struggle between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ been more finely displayed’, one writes in the Lumps Times, ‘than in the eccentric and controversial figure – 147. A legendary Smoker who has been caught fixing and selling reactor chests? A one-time rival to #7, who is later seen cosying up to him at Lumps World Fashion Week? This guy needs to pick a lane.’ Outside of the smug, mainstream media, however, #147 is a hero to many – if a complicated one. He is said to have saved many lives; appearing to vulnerable and endangered Lumps, moments before death, with his fiery chest aflame, ‘like a Burning Chrome Angel.’


We have been receiving interdimensional parcels with gifts and stories to help us understand more about the Lumps World metaverse.

Thank you