Capsule 2.6 has Landed

Inside there is a postal device from Lumps World.

Capsule contents

Thank you to all Lumps holders, past and present, who have helped us on this journey so far. The capsule arrived containing gifts for Lumps holders, find out more about the rewards below.


“Since the Rapture doors were opened, Lumps World has not only explored its own past, history and parallels… we are now beginning to feel the presence of other realities.

Recently, we have received unprecedented communication from an ancient civilisation, trapped somewhere across the metaverse…”

Chamber 1

Available to all Genesis and Rapture Lump Holders

1 'Shiny Lump' NFT

A 1/1 animated NFT version of your Lump! Each winning Lump in the new ‘Shiny Lump’ series will be custom made by artist Sam Drew and hung in the new Lumps Emporium.

10 Lump Prints

10 Lumps holders will receive a custom print of their chosen Lump. This artwork is printed on fine art paper.


Selected Lumps holders who had their Lump featured in this diary entry will be airdropped their accompanying story card. These collectible cards will give you insight into each Lump’s story.

Chamber 2

Available to Genesis Lump Holders only

Winner to be chosen via random number (1-500) generator in 48hrs


1 Lump holder will receive a 1/1 Artwork of Capsule 6


The Lumps community recieves another diary entry from our mysterious narrator. Read the entry below!


Lumps Holders, please head to the Lumps World Discord and enter by following the instructions on the ‘Capsule Giveaways’ channel.









Wednesday 20th April 2022
7pm GMT


We have been receiving interdimensional parcels with gifts and stories to help us understand more about the Lumps World metaverse.

We have been receiving interdimensional parcels with gifts and stories to help us understand more about the Lumps World metaverse.

Diary Entry 2.6


Slippy and I stare at the monitor. Green and pink lines form a geographical grid, wrapping its way around the curved screen. I get the feeling a few other pairs of eyes are doing the same behind us.

We’re all waiting patiently, for two red dots.

#7… and his personal bodyguard.

After our slimey encounter in the Voodoo Realm, out in the desert, we’ve been racing #7 to the ancient Citadel ruins in the centre of the Quantum Real,

The birthplace of Slime Boy.

Legend has it Slime Boy was born while fighting in a great battle many, many years ago. The Citadel was destroyed by the maniac invaders, but the good guys won the war. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Hm. Maybe a poor choice of words.

#7 is a pirate. That’s what Slippy said.

I’m starting to get what he means.

The colony of the #500, my home, is nothing more than an outpost. Our reality is a spec of dust in the endless cosmic chaos of the multiverse metaverse. What I once believed to be everything, is, in fact, much closer to nothing.

No time to dwell on the emotional implications of that. No time at all.

#7 is merely posing as a member of our colony. He’s a master of disguise and a jack of all realms, so to speak. And he’s not the only one.

Across the many Lumps World realities, there have always been those who cross the divides and step into our lives. We used to have names for them, like Wanderer, Keeper, Warrior – and Legends, of course.

These Lumps have been in and out of our little colony for all of time; informing our myths and religions, sculpting our beliefs, and disappearing off on their much larger cosmic business. Some good, some evil. But mostly unnoticed.

#7 is no different. He just made a little too much noise.

“Come on,” says Slippy, “it’s time for some physio.”

Getting back to my full strength is proving easier than I thought. And, frankly, the ‘physiotherapy’ sessions Slippy has prepared for me are more like a gruelling Warrior Lump bootcamp. But I don’t mind.

If anything I feel stronger.

It’s a strange feeling to pull off 100x push ups, sit ups, pull ups and squats and actually feel bored in your 30 second rest. But I am. I’m waiting for the next sets to begin.

My hand eye coordination is improving too. Slippy says I’m going to prove a great soldier in the showdown with #7. There may only be two of them coming, but the bodyguard sounds fierce – and #7’s damn near killed me on many occasions – so I’m taking nothing for granted.

We have a makeshift treadmill here at the citadel which I’m running sprints on all morning. 20 miles at full pelt. Short break. Another 20.

I’m jumping higher and higher each day.

And my arms are getting so pumped, I’ve been promised a wrestling bout with Sunkissed Stu when he arrives.

But, without doubt, my strongest attribute is now my mind.

I feel so clear and fresh. Like I’m joining the dots, at last. Puzzles solve themselves before me. I can recall so much more of my life than ever before. The blurriness of the 500’s place in Lumps World, the known multiverse, and beyond, is sharpening up like a camera falling into focus. And the truths of existence seem to glisten before me now like treasures in a darkened room.

None of it frightens me. But something about these skills is giving me the sense that I must help root out the evils and ills of all life forms. It’s my purpose.

And it starts with #7.

I’m mid-way through a set of deadlifts when Slippy approaches me.

“Have the dots appeared?” I ask, back straight and legs bent. “7 and his ‘bodyguard’, whatever you mean by that.”

“First we saw two dots.” Slippy begins. “Then a third we were not expecting.”

“A third? Who’s-”

“Then a fourth. Then a fifth… Then as many as ten. Until we could no longer count how many, nor could we discern between one dot and another.”

Oh shit.

“Quite truthfully,” Slippy sighs, “we have absolutely no idea how many enemies our surveillance is picking up.”

He pauses.

“But it’s fair to say our friend has brought an army.”

Thank you